A practical guide to bird watching in Sonoma County, California

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Arroyo Sierra Circle, Santa Rosa, CA, 95405

Location aliases: Not sufficiently on the local bird-watching radar to have nicknames. Note that Arroyo Sierra Circle is simply the street nearest to the birding area along Sierra Park Creek here. The areas good for birding are along the creekside trail rather than along Arroyo Sierra Circle, except for the section closest to Hoen Avenue.

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Location: Arroyo Sierra Circle., Santa Rosa, CA 95405

GPS address: 4357 Hoen Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95405. (Opposite side of street)

GPS Coordinates: 38 26 26N, 122 40 07W will take you to the Hoen Ave. entrance.

Coordinates of 38 25 56N, 122 39 37W will take you to the Summerfield Rd. entrance to the continuation of this area (off the map, see Strawberry School Park).

Access: Park on Hoen Ave. and enter through the walk-in entrance to the trail near the wooden board fence. Follow the trail along the creek (and Arroyo Sierra Circle part of the way). In late 2010, a sign was added marking Arroyo Park Creek. The sign is facing west, making it a good landmark if coming down Hoen Ave. from that direction (from the left on the map above). Note that no one I've ever spoken to has been able to give me a name for the creek, so most people--birders and otherwise--probably won't know it as Arroyo Park Creek, although it may sink in now that the sign is there. It is also possible to enter the trail from the opposite end at Siskiyou Avenue and to connect this via Avots Dr. to Strawberry School Park. See notes below for details.

Habitats: Residential, creekside brush, mature oaks, mature evergreens, native and blackberry undergrowth

Typical Species: Oak Titmouse, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Western Scrub-Jay, American Crow, Brown Creeper, White-breasted Nuthatch, American Robin, Orange-crowned Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Townsend’s Warbler, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Willow Flycatcher, Black Phoebe, California Towhee, Spotted Towhee, Northern Mockingbird, European Starling, Wild Turkey, Downy Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker, Acorn Woodpecker, Nuttall's Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, House Finch, Dark-eyed Junco, American Goldfinch, Lesser Goldfinch,. Has been a very good spot to find Brown Creeper. Look in the tall redwoods and pines along Arroyo Sierra Dr. and the oaks along the creek. Band-tailed Pigeon frequently present here.

More unusual birds, sightings: White-throated Sparrow (12/13/13, Colin Talcroft); Black-throated Grey Warbler (10/11/13, Colin Talcroft); Red-breasted Sapsucker (10/11/13, Colin Talcroft); White-throated Sparrow (Feb 8, 2013, Colin Talcroft); Slate-colored Junco (Feb 8, 2013, Colin Talcroft); Red-breasted Nuthatch (Feb 8, 2013, Colin Talcroft); White-throated Sparrow (12/16, 2012, CBC group); Slate-colored Junco (January 18, 2012); Band-tailed Pigeon (April 5, 2011); Belted Kingfisher (January 8, 2011); Red-breasted Sapsucker (Nov. 2010); White-throated Sparrow (Oct. 26, 2010); MacGillivray's Warbler (Sept. 21, 22, 2010), Osprey (February 2010); Belted Kingfisher (February 2010).

Restroom facilities: No public facilities nearby. The portable toilet at Strawberry School Park seems to come and go, but see that page for more information.

Restaurants Nearby: No notable restaurants in the immediate vicinity. Further afield, try: Sandwiches and deli food at Pearson & Co., 2759 4th St. (541-3868). There is a Safeway deli in the same shopping center. Michelle Marie's Patisserie, 2404 Magowan Dr. (575-1214) has sandwiches and full meals at lunchtime. Also see the Strawberry School Park page.

Nearby attractions: None in the immediate vicinity.

Related bird watching spots: This area connects via Avots Dr. to the area around Strawberry School Park. Lake Ralphine and Spring Lake Park are both nearby. See the relevant pages for details and the notes immediately below.

Notes: The walk along the creek starting at Hoen Ave. can be extended all the way to Summerfield Rd. The entire corridor can be excellent for autumn warblers and winter sparrows. With a GPS unit or using a map, an address of 4123 Siskiyou Ave., Santa Rosa, should take you to the point BETWEEN these two birding areas, allowing you to go in either direction, reducing backtracking. Or, an address of 3299 Summerfield Rd., Santa Rosa, should bring you to the Summerfield Rd. location from which a walk through Strawberry Park can begin and allowing a continuation to the Sierra Arroyo Circle area "backwards" ending up at Hoen Ave. At the Summerfield Rd. end, it is necessary to park around the corner, on Horseshoe Dr. (there is no parking allowed on this section of Summerfield Rd.). Note that Horseshoe Dr., true to its name, is a big loop with two entrances onto Summerfield. Be sure that you're at the one closest to the access point for the path; look for the metal railings along the road.

The bird in the photo: Bushtit, April 5, 2011, Arroyo Sierra Circle, Santa Rosa

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