A practical guide to bird watching in Sonoma County, California

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    King Ridge Road


    Jenner/Mouth of the Russian River/Goat Rock

    Willow Creek Rd., Jenner

    Duncan's Landing


    Bodega Bay Overview

  1. Bullet  Bodega Farm Pond

  2. Bullet  Pinnacle Gulch

  3. Bullet  Shorttail Gulch

  4. Bullet  Salmon Creek NEW!

  5. Bullet  Bodega Bay: Bodega Head

  6. Bullet  Bodega Bay: Campbell Cove

  7. Bullet  Bodega Bay: Diekmann's Bay Store

  8. Bullet  Bodega Bay: Doran Regional Park (Doran Beach)

  9. Bullet  Bodega Bay: "Bird Walk" (at Doran Beach)

  10. Bullet  Bodega Bay: Gaffney Point

  11. Bullet  Bodega Bay: The Hole in the Head

  12. Bullet  Bodega Bay: North End of Harbor

  13. Bullet  Bodega Bay: Owl Canyon

  14. Bullet  Bodega Bay: Porto Bodega

  15. Bullet  Bodega Bay: Rail Ponds

  16. Bullet  Bodega Bay: Smith Brothers Road

  17. Bullet  Bodega Bay: Spud Point Crab Co.

  18. Bullet  Bodega Bay: The Tides Wharf

    NOAA Tides & Currents for Bodega Bay


    Annadel State Park., Santa Rosa

    Arroyo Sierra Circle, Santa Rosa

    Brush Creek Trail, Santa Rosa

    Channel Dr., Santa Rosa

    Doyle Park, Santa Rosa

    Lake Ralphine, Santa Rosa

    Melita Rd., Santa Rosa

    Nagasawa Park, Santa Rosa

    Ninth St. Rookery, Santa Rosa

    A Place to Play Park, Santa Rosa

    Santa Rosa Creek at Willowside Rd.

    Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery

    Spring Lake Park, Santa Rosa!

    Strawberry School Park, Santa Rosa

    Taylor Mountain Regional Park


    Crane Creek Regional Park

    Roberts Lake Park

    Sonoma State University Campus


    Bodega Farm Pond

    Laguna de Santa Rosa Wetland Preserve

    Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail

    Ragle Ranch Park, Sebastopol


    Carmody Rd. Pond

    Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility, Petaluma

    Helen Putnam Regional Park, Petaluma

    Lucchesi Park, Petaluma

    Shollenberger Park, Petaluma

    Tolay Lake Regional Park


    Ida Clayton Road

    Foothill Regional Park, Windsor NEW!

    Pine Flat Road !

    Shiloh Ranch Regional Park

    Sugarloaf Ridge State Park


    Hudeman Slough

    Port Sonoma

    Reclamation Rd.

    Skaggs Island Rd. (south end)

    Sonoma Valley Regional Park

Recent sightings of interest*

  1. Bald Eagle: Mouth of the Russian River (1/8)

  2. Townsend’s Solitaire: Mt. St. Helena (1/15)

  3. Clark’s Nutcracker: Mt. St. Helena (1/15)

  4. Bullock’s Oriole: Diekmann’s Store (1/15-1/17)

  5. Snow Goose: Ellis Creek Water Facility (1/19)

  6. Ross’s Goose: Doran Entry Pond (1/25)

  7. Snow Goose: Doran Entry Pond (1/25)

  8. Greater White-fronted Goose: Doran Entry Pond (1/25)

  9. Mountain Quail: Pine Flat Rd. (1/27)

  10. Lucy’s Warbler: Diekmann’s Store (1/15-2/13)

  11. Williamson’s Sapsucker: Flamingo Hotel, SR (1/28-2/15)

   *Selected reports from North Bay Birds and my own birding trips

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Western Tanager, Hole in the Head, Bodega Bay

September 6, 2014

Snowy Egret, Lake Ralphine, Santa Rosa

November 28, 2014

Townsend’s Warbler, Diekmann’s Store, Bodega Bay, January 17, 2015