A practical guide to bird watching in Sonoma County, California

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Common Nighthawk is present throughout North America except for an area in the southwest corner of the United States that includes parts of southwestern Arizona, the southern tip of Nevada, and much of California. Sonoma County is at the edge of this absent zone. As a result, Common Nighthawk is not at all common in the county (as the graph of reported sightings above shows), but it has been noted here on a few occasions and is even believed to breed in the extreme northwest of the county, although local breeding had not been officially confirmed as of the 1995 Sonoma County Breeding Bird Atlas. Parmeter and Wight note five county sightings between 2000 and 2010.

Mostly active at night, particularly around dusk, when nighthawks can be seen behaving much like bats, chasing airborne insects. Nighthawks do fly during the day, however. They may also be seen roosting during the day on the ground or on tree branches, like the bird pictured above (not photographed in Sonoma County). In flight, recognizable by distinct white patches on long, pointed wings.

Selected county sightings: Salt Point State Park (Jun 22, 2013, Bill Doyle); Salt Point State Park (Jul 11, 2009, Ruth Rudesill); Ida Clayton Rd. (Aug 25, 2001, Doug Shaw)

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Common Nighthawk, near Honey Lake, California, July 13, 2011

Common Nighthawk

Chordeiles minor

1990-2013 Sonoma County data. Graph provided by eBird (www.ebird.org), generated May 30, 2013

EBird reported occurrence in Sonoma County

Common Nighthawk, Anahuac NWR, Texas, June 19, 2013