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A rare sparrow in Sonoma County. Sporadic records exist in the winter and early spring months, but this bird is mainly seen--if seen at all--in August, September, October, or November, when an occasional fall migrant passes through. Most historical records are for the Bodega Bay area, but Clay-colored Sparrow has been noted from time to time in neighboring Napa and Marin Counties. Normal summer range is in the northern mid-continent states and into Canada. Winters in Mexico and further south. In its normal range, may flock with Chipping Sparrows (Spizella passerina) or Brewer's Sparrows (Spizella breweri). In Sonoma County, however, all records are for single birds, according to Birds of Sonoma County California.

Identified by its clear, slightly buff-colored breast; finely black-striped brown crown with pale center stripe; ear patch clearly outlined above and below with darker feathers; dark streak below the malar region; and the collar of grey that goes all the way around the back of the neck. Pale above the eye and at the lores. Pale, pinkish bill, but upper mandible often darker. Similar to Chipping Sparrow, a more common bird in the county, but Chipping Sparrow is usually present here during the summer months and tends to stay in exposed areas along the inner and outer coast ranges, at higher elevations. Chipping Sparrow has a distinct, dark line through the eye, a dark bill, and, in breeding plumage, a rufous crown. The Peterson guides note that in the more similar winter plumages, the rump is brown in Clay-colored Sparrow and grey in Chipping Sparrow, both without streaking, and Sibley notes the same. However, the Clay-colored Sparrow pictured here has a grey rump with light streaking, so, as usual, these generalizations have to be taken with a grain of salt.

Selected county sightings: Carmody Rd. (Sep 26-30, 2012, Alan Wight); Bodega Head (Sep 13, 2012, Peter Colasanti); Campbell Cove (Sep 7, 2012, Dan Nelson); Reclamation Rd. (Nov 8, 2011, Lisa Hug); Shollenberger Park (Sep 22-26, 2011, Brent Campos); Tolay Lake Regional Park (Aug 31, 2011, Gene Hunn)

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Shollenberger Park, Petaluma, September 26, 2011

Clay-colored Sparrow, Shollenberger Park, September 26, 2011

Note fine black streaking on crown

Clay-colored Sparrow

Spizella pallida

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